Naturopathic Medicine

The primary goal of naturopathic medicine is to identify and address the cause of illness. Symptoms are indications that your body is doing something to correct an imbalance, whether it is the invasion of a virus, long term lack of specific nutrients, or other more complex causes. Understanding why your body is creating symptoms allows you to do something about the cause.

Naturopathic medicine uses non-pharmaceutical substances and treatments to support and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. The choice of treatment is based on you, the individual, and the cause of your symptoms rather than on the symptom/disease itself. Treatment options used by Nancy Rawling B.Sc., N.D. include:

  • Lifestyle counseling – identifying day to day factors, such as nutrition, activity and stress, which may be affecting your health.
  • Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine – using an eastern medical perspective to understand the imbalance associated with your symptoms.
  • Clinical nutrition – including nutritional analysis and intravenous nutrient therapy.
  • Botanical medicine – using extracts from plants to support and stimulate organ functions.
  • Homeopathic medicine – matching remedies to physical, mental and emotional symptoms to stimulate healing.
  • Physical therapies - including acupuncture and assessments for massage therapy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. 

Nancy works with clients of all ages, whether the illness is acute or chronic. Naturopathic medicine is complementary to other health care approaches and Nancy will inform you when your specific health concerns require treatment from another health care provider.

Naturopathic doctors are licensed primary health care providers in Ontario. Although OHIP does not cover naturopathic medicine many extended health insurance plans do have provisions for naturopathic medicine.


WholeLife Naturopathic Wellness Clinic

30 Owen Street
Barrie, Ontario
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