Services and Fees

Complete Health Assessments

Initial visit: Attention to your chief health concerns and a review of your entire health history, physical exam, and discussion of related diagnostic testing as required. Based on the information gathered, treatment options may be discussed at this time.
90 minutes. Fee: $210 + GST.

Second visit: Based on the information gathered from the initial visit and any subsequent diagnostic testing, Nancy will discuss the causes of your current health concern and options in the way of treatment. Together you will develop a comprehensive treatment program to achieve your goal.
45 minutes. Fee: $105 + GST.

Follow-up visits: These appointments allow you and Nancy to progress on your health goals and address any new concerns that may develop.
30 minutes. Fee: $75 + GST.

Treatment visits: Once a treatment plan has been developed these appointments are used for hands on therapies such as acupuncture or intravenous nutrient therapy. Length of appointment and fees are based on the treatment being given.

Reassessments: If you have not been in to see Nancy for a few years but need to get back on track with your health goals or new health concerns have developed.
45 minutes. Fee: $105 + GST.

Acute assessments: If you have never been to see Nancy but require information/assessment for only one acute complaint.
45 minutes. Fee: $105 + GST.



Services Offered

Some of the following options may be discussed with you with regards to your chief health concerns. Feel free to ask about any of these services if you are interested.

• Acupuncture

• Standard medical
   blood tests

• Bioidentical hormones

• Digestive stool analysis

• Fecal occult blood testing

• Food sensitivity testing

• Hair analysis

• Heavy metal screening

• Intravenous nutrient    therapy

• Nutritional analysis

• Salivary hormone testing

• Urinalysis

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